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Solving Print Cartridge Alignment Problems

Any or all of the following problems can occur when trying to align the print cartridges:
  • The Align Print Cartridges message will not disappear.
  • The Alignment failed message is displayed.
  • The alignment process stops before it is finished.
  • A blank page ejects immediately or a Paper mismatch or Paper too narrow message is displayed.
Note : Use a fresh piece of paper that has never been printed on for the alignment process or the alignment will fail.If the paper is not feeding correctly, the alignment will fail.Both print cartridges must have ink in them for the alignment to be successful.

There are several reasons why the HP All-in-One may fail to align the cartridges. The most common reason is an ink cartridge that has one of the following problems :
  • One of the ink cartridges is low or out of ink. Black and all three colors must be available.
  • The paper has already been printed on or is colored paper.
  • Protective tape on a new ink cartridge has not been removed.
  • Contacts on the ink cartridge are not meeting the contacts in the carriage correctly.
  • Cartridge is remanufactured or refilled. Refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges may have been damaged during the refilling process or have clogged ink nozzles.
  • The ink cartridge is defective.
Follow the steps below to resolve the problem :

Step one: Examine the paper the alignment page was printed on
  • The alignment page must be printed on clean plain paper of either letter or A4-size and that has a brightness level (as printed on the paper package) of at least 85. Colored papers or paper that already has printing on it will cause the alignment to fail.
Step two: Does the alignment page print correctly
  • For the HP PSC 900 series, if the page ejects immediately or a Paper mismatch or Paper too narrow message is displayed, the 4 x 6 paper tray selector located on the paper output tray is pushed forward. Move the selector all the way toward the front of the product.
  • Look at the alignment pages that the product printed. Compare the alignment page to those that are included in the "Examples of alignment pages" section in this document.
  • If any of the colors or the black is missing from your alignment page, a cartridge-related problem exists.
Step three: Perform an print cartridge cleaning procedure

The product can perform an print cartridge cleaning procedure even after the alignment message has displayed. Follow these steps to perform an print cartridge cleaning procedure at the front panel :
  1. On the front panel, press the Menu or Setup button (depending on the model).
  2. Press the right arrow button (>) until Maintenance or Tools is displayed, and then press the OK or Enter button (depending on the model).
  3. The Clean Print Cartridges message should display on the front panel. Press Enter or OK to begin the cartridge cleaning process.
A page will be printed during the cleaning process with all of the colors on it. If any of the colors (including black) are missing, faded, or streaked on the alignment page, there is a ink cartridge problem.

Step four: Try to align the page again

HP products have two methods for aligning the ink cartridges, fully-automatic and semi-automatic. The steps are different for each type. Refer to the information below to determine which alignment method your product uses.
  • Automatic - these products use a sensor to check the alignment page as it is printed. You are not required to take any action to complete the alignment process.
  • Semi-automatic - these products print the alignment page and instructions for scanning the alignment page using the scanner assembly.
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