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Tips for Using Continuous Ink System (CIS)

Problem : If the ink tank is full of ink and the computer shows a message“Replace Cartridge” that the cartridges are empty. The printer keeps track of how much ink is being used and thinks that the cartridge should be empty so you will have to reset the cartridges chips.

Suggestion :
  • method 1: Click on the stop key once, the chip is now reset!
  • method 2: Turn off the printer for 1 minute and turn it back on.

Problem : Banding or white lines in my print outs.

Suggestion : There is air in the system or cartridges. Try running a couple of cleaning cycles. If white lines continue, use the provided syringe to suck the air out of the bottom of the trouble cartridge and you can add the ink that fills the syringe back into the top of the CI system. (Make sure to thoroughly rinse the syringe when completed.)

Problem : When I have completed a printing job the ink is siphoning backwards down the tubing.

Suggestion : The shipping plugs need to be removed before installing and replaced with the air breathers to eliminate any pressure being built up in the system, along with protecting the ink from contamination. Also the ink tank should be sitting on the same level surface as the printer. If the air breathers are covered with dried ink, you can rinse the air breather and dry thoroughly to regain use.

Problem : The tubing is getting caught inside the printer resulting in an error message “paper loading error”.
Suggestion : If the tubing is not adjusted correctly, if it’s too short or too long causing it to slap the inside of the printer. Please adjust.
Problem : After refilling the tanks the printer won’t print.

Suggestion : If the ink is added into the system too quickly, then it allows air to enter the system. Use the provided syringe to extract ink and air from the bottom of the cartridges. The ink that fills the syringe can be slowly added back into the top of the ink tank.

Problem : After installing the CI system the printer does not recognize some of the cartridges.
Suggestion : Remove the cartridges, turn off the printer and reinstall the cartridges. Then you can continue printing.
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