How to Reset Waste Ink Counter Epson CX7300, CX8300 and CX9300F

on Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reset waste ink pad counter epson CX7300, CX8300 and CX9300F use adjustment program. I have tried this software and this software worked. To run this software without error please follow the tutorial under. I have modified the bat file and I change the name tricks-collections.bat to assist when running program adjustment.

Here How to use this software :
  • Download the adjustment program (see under)
  • Extrak adjustment you have downloaded
  • Go to The extrakded folder then click tricks-collections.bat file
  • Now set the date setting in you PC to 11 April 2008,
  • Run adjustment program by click AdjProg.exe file the click accept
  • Click Particular adjustment mode then select destination and printer port then click OK
  • Select Waste ink pad counter from the below window and double-click to execute it
  • Click [Check] button to check current protection counter’s value.
  • Then Click [Initialization] to reset the protection counter to the initial value. Thats all.
  • After finishing, you can change the date to normal.
Download Adjustment program for epson CX7300
Download Adjustment program for epson CX8300
Download Adjustment program for epson CX9300F

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