How to Unclog Clogged Epson CX5400 Print Head

on Friday, April 30, 2010

Epson's CX5400 is a multifunction printer, meaning it not only prints, but also makes copies and scans documents. If you notice gaps in the images or text on printouts made by the CX5400, it is a sign of a clogged print head. Epson has outfitted the CX5400 with a print head cleaning process that can be performed with just the printer controls. The cleaning process does use some ink to clean the print head, so use the cleaning process only when necessary.

Follow the instruction to unclog clogged Epson CX5400 Cartridge
  1. Turn on the CX5400 and let the printer finish its warmup process.
  2. Press the left "Menu" button on the printer repeatedly until "Head Cleaning" appears on the printer's display screen.
  3. Press the "Color Copy" button. The CX5400's cleaning process will begin and will last for about 30 seconds. The "On" light on the printer will flash until the cleaning is complete.
  4. Load the paper tray, if it does not already have paper, and press the left "Menu" button on the printer until "Nozzle Check" appears on the printer's display screen. Press the "Color Copy" button on the printer's control panel and wait as a test page prints. Examine the pattern printed on the test page for any gaps. If gaps appear in the printout, run the cleaning process again.

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